Global support - local knowledge

Harvest Alliance is your passport to Australia’s premium harvest support network, a network that links you to local harvest specialists in 23 locations, offering National coverage backed by a Global Harvest support platform.

Dealing with a Harvest Alliance Dealer you know that they are committed to providing the best 24 / 7 service and parts support of any dealer in Australia. You will also know that as part of a fully linked National network they have access to our three major parts distribution warehouses located in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, a team of factory trained product specialist based in Melbourne and 24 / 7 technical support provided by our Global Source Database.

At a local level all Harvest Alliance dealers have the ability to access the expansive in-store parts stock of their neighbouring dealers and during the peak harvesting period, all Harvest Alliance dealers have access to our Harvest Support Vehicle.

A mobile warehouse stocked with over $80,000 worth of parts and manned by two factory trained service technicians, the HSV follows the harvest south from Queensland through to Southern Victoria assisting dealers and ensuring our customers do not experience any unnecessary downtime during the peak harvesting period.

Purchasing a new S Series Gleaner combine will open the door to the Harvest Alliance experience offering customer confidence through superior product support.

Harvest Alliance